Why Should You Keep Record The State of Your Rental Property?

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Property damage is one of the problems that usually leads to conflict between tenants and landlords. For landlords, it is important to keep detailed records since you can easily resolve such problems if you have proof of your rental property’s condition. Here are some of the best reasons why you need to document your rental’s state.

To serve as proof that the tenant has agreed to the property’s condition

Inspecting your property’s condition in advance before a tenant moves in and getting a tenant sign the contract or checklist can be used as your proof whether there’s a dispute on security deposit once the tenant is moving out. When you’re considering to deduct from the security deposit of a tenant since they broke the bathroom vanity, but the tenant claims that it’s already there even before they moved in, the documentation and checklist will be your proof that the bathroom vanity was not damaged at all upon move-in. You just need to let them see the pictures you took and the checklist signed by the tenant.

As proof against safety and health complaints

You should have a record of the condition of your rental once a tenant moves in because this can greatly help you once they complain regarding safety or health problem. For instance, a tenant may move into your unit, however, a week after, they complained to the local state that your bathroom has a mold issue. When you can show them some pictures from a week before, which proves that the unit was in a clean and safe condition, then the complaint about the mold won’t hold up.

To know whether any changes have been done

Apart from searching for damage, documenting the condition of the unit enables you to know whether illegal alterations have been done to the nit. This can possibly include trying to divide 1 room into 2 parts, altering the flooring, or even changing the paint color.

To check the damage done to the unit

Keeping detailed documentation of how your rental property looks and condition before a tenant moves into your unit can help you determine what damage was already present and what damage happened while the tenant lived in that unit. Damage could be all that involves too much usual property wear and tear. Though big problems, like a massive hole in the wall, can be simple to see, some problems, like hardwood floor’s deep scrape, can leave you doubts once you fail to document it beforehand for you to use it as a proof that they weren’t there in the first place.

If you want to prevent having disputes in the future, then keeping track of the condition of your rental units is highly recommended. This can serve as your major defense in the event your tenants will claim something wrong about your property. Hence, you don’t have to worry about such problems in the future since you know that you have proof. If you want to have more units in the future, it would be best to get the services from property management near me for you to be assisted more and for lesser stress.

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